Questions and Contacts

Recommended Discussion Groups and Internet Sites

While I am happy to answer any emails you send to me, I do recommend that you post your questions at Ruy Horta's Luftwaffe And Allied Air Forces Discussion Group. Many of the experienced Luftwaffe researchers visit that forum, and can probably provide better answers to your questions than I could. The forum requires no password or registration, and is very popular.

If you want to learn about archival research, I suggest you visit Richard T. Eger's Luftwaffe Archives Group. Archival research is something I have done a bit of over the last three years, and it is always great to receive a new batch of Luftwaffe documents from the BA/MA, PRO or AWM (and sometimes a little expensive too!).

Michael Holm's site provides details on all Luftwaffe units, and I urge anyone interested in the activities of the German Air Force in World War II to check it out. Also recommended is Tony Wood's site, which includes his Luftwaffe claims lists, covering Luftwaffe victory claims from 1939 to 1945.

Contacting Me

If you do want to contact me, please use this email address.