Profile by Neil Page
FW 190 A-6/R8 'White 7 + ' of Major Erwin Bacsilla, Sturmstaffel 1, January 1944

Erwin Bascilla was a successful pilot, serving with J.G. 52 and J.G. 77 before moving to Sturmstaffel 1, where he flew the above FW 190 A-6/R8 'White 7 + '. He may have gained 34 victories (although none of his victories can be found in Tony Wood's victory material). Bascilla ended his career with J.G. 301. This aircraft's markings are very similar to the other Sturmstaffel 1 machine depicted in profile on this site, 'White 14 + ', with the unit emblem and the black-white-black fuselage band.

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