Photo via Jean-Charles Macé
Focke-Wulf 190 A-4 W.Nr 0142 294 (J.-C. Macé)

Jean-Charles is a member of a French association called "Air Mémorial", which researches German aviation in Britanny, and concentrates especially on Vannes-Meuçon airfield. This FW 190 data plate was found eight kilometres west of Vannes-Meuçon, where the aircraft had crashed.

There was some debate about this data plate on The Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Group when Jean-Charles posted an image of it there, because some visitors to that site believed that the plate was actually from an FW 190 A-2, W.Nr 0120 294. This was because they misread the plate, believing that the bottom line indicated variant, and that the 2 meant FW 190 A-2. In fact, the bottom line is Baujahr (year built), 1942. As can be seen in the photo, the name next to Nachbau has been removed, and it is almost certain that it was AGO before being removed. The chances of two aircraft with the same final three digits of their Werk Nummern both crashing at the same place are almost nil. To clinch the argument that this plate is certainly from FW 190 A-4 W.Nr 0142 294, it is known that FW 190 A-2 W.Nr 0120 294 was lost in Germany in 1945.

Loss List for FW 190 A-4 W.Nr 0142 294 [1]
Date Pilot & Fate Unit Type W.Nr Markings Remarks Location % F/H
09.12.42 Uffz. Wilhelm Günther + 9./J.G. 2 FW 190 A-4 0142 294 ? Crashed, probably due to lack of fuel or bad weather Cosqueric near Fl.Pl. Vannes-Meuçon 95 H

[1] Genst.Gen.Qu.6.Abt.; Ring, JG 2 loss list, p.9; via J.L. Perry

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