The following are various Focke-Wulf 190/Ta 152 and Luftwaffe sites, and all are highly recommended. If you wish to add a link, please email me


The White 1 Foundation
This is the website of a group restoring FW 190 F-8 'White 1 + ' of Jagdgeschwader 5. The site includes a comprehensive history of the aircraft and its pilots, written by Kjetil Aakra and Andreas Brekken.

Die Geschichte der FW 190
A German website dealing primarily with technical aspects of the FW 190, and in particular engines and weapons. There are also biographies of Kurt Tank and Hans Sander, along with a links page.

John R. Beaman, Jr. - Focke-Wulf 190, Part One: Würger Genesis
This is John Beaman's very useful 'A Modeler's Primer to the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A, F and G Series', written in 1998.

Manfred Poznanski -
On this site you will find three videos of the Flug Werk FW 190, along with photos and information.


Lynn Ritger - The 109 Lair
This is one of the best Bf 109 sites on the Internet, with an emphasis on technical details rather than operations. There is a forum, restoration news, Bf 109 manuals, walkarounds, and much more.

David Weiss - Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hangar
David's site is very detailed. Each variant of the Bf 109 is covered, along with the prototypes. There is a Werknummer list, and a number of articles (including one about the very interesting debate over "Bf" and "Me"). Engines and guns used by the Bf 109 are also covered. There are also hundreds of photos of Bf 109s to view. The site is regularly updated.


Michael Holm - The Luftwaffe, 1933-45
This is the most detailed Luftwaffe site on the Internet. It features information on all Luftwaffe units from 1933 to 1945. There are pages on each Geschwader, which include details on formation and disbandment, Gruppe and Staffel leaders, and bases. There is Luftwaffe order of battle material for various time periods, a loss list for Sch.G. 1 in 1942, potted histories of some Luftwaffe maritime aircraft (including the Ar 196, BV 138 and He 115), and much, much more. Michael has also transcribed many documents from the Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv in Germany, and the United States Air Force Historical Records Agency. A comprehensive links page and a number of interesting photographs add to the value of this site.

Nick Beale - Ghost Bombers
Nick's site features corrections for his excellent Nachtschlachtgruppe 9 book, along with many articles about various Luftwaffe subjects in the time period 1943-1945. Several of these articles are FW 190-related, including the story of the I. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 2 in Italy, details on some Schlachtgeschwader 4 combats over Italy in early 1944, and an interesting ULTRA signal about a mock combat held by J.G. 11 between a Bf 109 G-14/AS and an FW 190 A-9. Nick regularly updates his site with interesting articles based largely on primary sources. An excellent site!

Petr Kacha - Aces of the Luftwaffe
Petr Kacha's site features biographies of many aces, and is a very useful resource. Unfortunately it has not been updated in quite some time.

Jason Long - Sturmvogel
This page features many orders of battle for the Luftwaffe throughout the Second World War. There are also a number of articles on various subjects, and an annotated bibliography of Luftwaffe-related books. Unfortunately there have been no updates since January 2002.

Melvin Brownless, Kelvin Youngs & David King - Aircrew Remembrance Society
The aim of this site is to remember pilots of all nationalities who lost their lives during the Second World War. There is a strong focus on the Luftwaffe. The site also hosts the Kracker Luftwaffe Archives, which feature a listing of thousands of German pilots from the Second World War.

Andy Mitchell - Luftwaffe Data
Andy's site has two sections. The LuftwaffeData Web-Site focusses on the history of Aufklärungsgruppe (F) 122, including a (F) 122 war diary (with footnotes), personnel listings for each Staffel of (F) 122, descriptions of (F) 122 unit emblems, a list of sources, and links. The other part of the site is the Luftwaffedata Wiki, which covers all aspects of Luftwaffe history. Finally, there is a discussion forum. Andy updates the site regularly.

Bert Hartmann - Das Flugzeugarchiv
Bert's site covers many aspects of the Luftwaffe, including aircraft, engines, some articles about operational units like Jagdverband 44, the German aircraft industry, and much more. There is also an active discussion forum, visited by many of the leading German experts on the Luftwaffe.

Andreas Zapf - Chronicles of the Luftwaffe
Andreas Zapf is a German aviation historian with wide-ranging interests. In 2016 and 2017 his major project was the famous but still mysterious Kommando Welter, but his website features numerous other Luftwaffe stories as well.

luft. hanseatic - German Nachtjagd
As the name would suggest, this is a blog dealing with the German night fighter arm during the Second World war. The posts are always interesting and well-researched.

Andreas Brekken - Andreas Aviation History
Andreas Brekken's aviation blog, featuring posts on a real variety of subjects. The air war over Norway is the main theme, but in 2017 he was adding some interesting information about Luftwaffe aircraft captured in the Mediterranean theatre.

Andreas Brekken - Eagles Over Norway
Andreas' site includes information about the Jabostaffel of Jagdgeschwader 5, and many other interesting aspects of the Luftwaffe. He also provides information about using the documents held by the German Bundesarchiv.

Knut Larsson - Nordic Aviation During World War 2
This site features, amongst other things, loss lists for Allied and Luftwaffe aircraft lost over northern Europe during the war.

Neil Page - FalkeEins - the Luftwaffe Blog
Neil's fascinating and regularly updated blog covering various Luftwaffe topics. Well worth checking every couple of weeks for new content. He posts up many of the more interesting Luftwaffe photographs for sale on eBay, providing much more accurate captions than the sellers.

Thomas Genth
Thomas' father and grandfather both served with the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, and on this site Thomas has included many of their photographs of aircraft. He has also receieved some interesting shots of J.G. 26 aircraft (some of which appear on this site). The site is regularly updated.

Christer Bergström and Andrey Mikhailov - Black Cross - Red Star: Air War over the Eastern Front
This site has a number of excerpts from Christer and Andrey's first and second volumes of Black Cross - Red Star: Air War Over the Eastern Front. There is also a sample chapter, and some reviews of books from the series. You can see some more excerpts from the book on my site.

Cravant, L' Usine Souterraine: Focke Wulf 190 et NC 900
This is a page about Cravant in France, and the FW 190s and NC.900s repaired and built there.

Eric Mombeek - Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots
This is the website of well-known Luftwaffe author Eric Mombeek It features missing in action lists for the following Jagdgeschwadern: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 26, 27, 77, 300, 301, and 302. There is also a discussion forum, a section on Eric's Luftwaffe logbook collection, and information on Eric's book projects.

Olve Dybvig - Luftwaffe Special Interest Group in Norway
Olve has compiled a very good Luftwaffe site with a bit of everything, including loss lists, orders of battle, photographs, colour profiles of various Luftwaffe aircraft types, and much more.

Pawel Burchard - Air Battle Over Kursk 1943
Pawel's site was offline for a lengthy period, but is back in a new location, and received some updates in 2011. He has undertaken some excellent research from primary sources to tell the story of the Kursk air battles.

Michael Svegaard (SES) - Gyges
This site covers many aspects of the Luftwaffe, including command and control, radar installations, nightfighting and more.

Tormod Christiansen - Ju 88 in Norway

This entire site is dedicated to a single Junkers Ju 88 that crashed in Norway during the war. It receives regular updates.

Luftwaffe Resource Center

A good general source for the Luftwaffe, featuring information on markings, tactics and the like. Very good for basic details about the Luftwaffe in the Second World War. It also has a brief summary of all major Luftwaffe aircraft types.

Brett Green - Hyperscale

An important site for Luftwaffe modellers, this page is very detailed, featuring ordering information for new kits, tips for modellers, some examples of completed models, and some articles (including some by David E. Brown on camouflage). The best scale modelling website on the Internet, and updated every day or two.

Ruy Horta - 12 O'Clock High

Ruy's site gives some good general information about the Luftwaffe, including organisation, units, markings, ranks, and reference books.

Mikael Olrog - Preserved Axis Aircraft
A comprehensive site covering all preserved Second World War Axis aircraft. The site has a very good listing of all surviving FW 190s, including photographs. It's well worth the visit, and is regularly updated.


Army Air Forces

The Army Air Forces site is the best available for details about the USAAF in the Second World War.

Jim Anderson - CE "BUD" ANDERSON.COM
Jim has put together a fine site about his father, American Mustang ace C.E. "Bud" Anderson. The site has many articles, photographs, and links, along with a discussion forum, and a section on model building. There are also a number of photos of FW 190 D-13 'Yellow 10 + ', which can be found here.


Marcus Wendel - Axis History Factbook

This site is very comprehensive. Some things covered include: German awards & decorations, campaigns & operations, equipment, Feldpost numbers, foreign volunteers, uniforms & militaria, books, message forums, and a very lengthy list of links to sites dealing with World War II Germany. The section of the site dealing with the Luftwaffe is also very good.

Jason Pipes - Feldgrau

Established in February 1996, and similar to the Axis History Factbook. This site includes a large amount of information about Luftwaffe units. There is also a very active discussion forum.


Claes Sundin - Luftwaffe Fighter Aces & Aircraft
In the late 1990s this was one of the first pages I discovered about Luftwaffe aircraft, and since then I have been a regular visitor. The focus of the site is Claes Sundin's magnificent profiles, and one of the best things is that the page is regularly updated with new profiles.

Simon Schatz - Luftwaffe Profiles and Models
Launched in late-September 2010, this is the new location for Simon's excellent profile artwork. He has depicted many Luftwaffe aircraft.

Jerry Boucher - The Virtual Aircraft Website
This site showcases Jerry's artwork, which features many Axis aircraft, and is very well done. Prints of some of the artwork are also available. Amongst the aircraft depicted is the FW 190 A-5 of Emil Lang of 5./J.G. 54 in May 1943.

Anders - The Profile Paintshop
This site features the fine profile work of Anders, better known to the flight sim community as 'Captain Farrel'.

Tom Tullis -
Tom's site featuring his excellent colour profile artwork.


Les Butler and Don Caldwell - JG 26 "Schlageter: "Top Guns of the Luftwaffe"
A very complete site dedicated to the best known Luftwaffe unit, Jagdgeschwader 26. This page has everything, including photographs, a number of colourprofiles, plenty of data, articles and more. Highly recommended.

Jagdgeschwader 27
This site includes a history of the famous Geschwader, photographs and colour profiles.

Jagdgeschwader 52
A site dedicated to the highest scoring fighter unit of all time, Jagdgeschwader 52. Includes a detailed history of the unit.

Burkhard Otto & Karl-Heinz Gansel - Jagdgeschwader 300
Burkhard Otto and Karl-Heinz Gansel's site, dedicated to the history and pilots of Jagdgeschwader 300. On this site you will find photos of pilots and aircraft of J.G. 300, colour profiles, details about the Special Interest Group (dedicated to researching J.G. 300, J.G. 301 and J.G. 302), reviews of books relevent to J.G. 300, J.G. 301 and J.G. 302, and more.

Burkhard Otto & Karl-Heinz Gansel - Jagdgeschwader 302
Another site by Burkhard Otto and Karl-Heinz Gansel, this time dedicated to J.G. 302. Content is similiar to the J.G. 300 site. This is the place to go for information on J.G. 302.


Richard T. Eger - The Luftwaffe Archives Group
If you are interested in doing some Luftwaffe archival research, I would highly recommend you visit this page, which is set up to help Luftwaffe researchers. Richard has archived thousands of interesting discussion forum postings here.

Ruy Horta - The Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum
The Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum is the place to ask any Luftwaffe-related question. If you post, you can almost certainly expect a reply. Many authors and experienced researchers visit the site regularly, and even the trickiest of questions are usually answered. In recent years the forum has expanded from being purely Luftwaffe to covering all aspects of Second World War air operations.

Clint Mitchell - Luftwaffe Research Group
Although now inactive, this was another excellent discussion group for those interested in the Luftwaffe, with sub-forums covering all aspects of the topic.

Peter D. Evans - Luftwaffe Experten Message Board
Although now inactive, this was another excellent discussion group for those interested in the Luftwaffe, with sub-forums covering all aspects of the topic.

Bert Hartmann - Luftwaffe Bullet Board
Bert's forum is mostly in German, but English-speakers are welcome to post as well.

Andy Mitchell - Luftwaffe Data Forum

Not as active as some of the other forums mentioned here, but still an excellent place to ask Luftwaffe-related questions. There is a particular focus on German reconnaissance units and operations.

Brett Green - Plane Talking

This is the discussion forum for the Hyperscale modelling website.

Army Air Forces
Discussion board for the Army Air Forces website. Most questions posted here about the USAAF during the Second World War are answered.

Marcus Wendel - Axis History Factbook
A discussion forum for all aspects of the Axis in World War II.

Jason Pipes - Feldgrau Discussion Forum
A discussion forum for all aspects of the Axis in World War II.


Mitch Williamson - War and Game
This is Mitch's blog on various military history and gaming topics. He's very prolific!

The Afrika Korps

A site about the Axis armed forces in the North African campaign of the Second World War.

Flying Heritage Collection

The website of the organization that has restored FW 190 A-5 W.Nr 0150 1227.

The 'AirNet' Web Site. Aviation Links: Aeromodelling

A site featuring thousands of model aircraft links.

Scale Aircraft Modelling Universe

A site for modellers, featuring basic information about dozens of different Second World War aircraf types.


Brian Bateman - Bateman Galleries
Brian created this site to showcase his wonderful artwork. He has done a number of paintings of Luftwaffe subjects, including two of FW 190s. His paintings can be viewed on this site, along with details on some of the American and German veteran pilots that Brian has had the fortune to meet. Well worth a visit.

Bill Stone - Stone & Stone Books
A site with many reviews of miliary history books, including lots about aspects of the Second World War.

Judy and Jerry Crandall - Eagle Editions
The website of aviation publishers Eagle Editions, this page has information on all the products available from Jerry and Judy Crandall, including books, model decals, resins, and more. Here you can view profiles, paintings, and sample book pages.