Jack's Photos

These are photos from my grandfather's collection. Included are shots of Japanese, American and Australian aircraft. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the photograph.

My grandfather, Jack Brayley, served with the Royal Australian Air Force in the Pacific Theatre during the final years of World War II. He was part of the ground crew of 4 Squadron, and was a L.A.C. with the unit from 13 September 1944 to 30 January 1945. He remained in PNG until at least August 1945. 4 Squadron operated the Boomerang and Wirraway. Jack took quite a few photos during his time in the forces, and some of these can be seen below.

I would love to get these photos accurately captioned, so if you can help, please contact me at bookie190@hotmail.com. Thanks to Buz, Gerry Kersey, and Hans Ploes for their help in identifying some of the images.

A crashed Japanese D3Y1 Val dive bomber at Alexishafen, August 1945 (thanks Buz).

A second crashed Japanese aircraft, probably a Ki-46-II Dinah at Alexishafen, August 1945. Can anyone add further details?

An RAAF Martin Mariner of 41 Squadron, Madang, New Guinea, 1945 (thanks Buz). Any more details would be very much appreciated.

A belly-landed U.S.A.A.F. A-20G named "Elaine" at Madang, August 1945. The number on the nose is 244244. There is a name - "Marie" - carried on the engine. Does anyone know the unit, pilot etc.?

A U.S.A.A.F. A-20G named "Rough Stuff!" with some nice nose-art at Nadzab, New Guinea, 1944. Jack did not take this photo, but traded it with someone. Below the cockpit is "U.S. ARMY A-20G-25-DO" [not entirely sure about 25] and "A.F. 43-...." [I can't make out the last four digits]. Gerry Kersey, webmaster of the 3rd Attack Group website, confirms the unit as the 312th BG.

This is a crashed CA-13 Boomerang QE - B, at Nadzab in 1944. There were two crashes of CA-13s at Nadzab, one on take-off and one on landing, and this is obviously one of those aircraft (thanks again Buz).

Another view of CA-13 Boomerang QE - B at Nadzab, 1944.

Boomerang A46-199 QE - Y "Home James" of 4 Squadron, Nadzab, New Guinea, 1944. This aircraft was normally flown by F/Lt. Jack Archer. In front of the cockpit is a cartoon of a bucking horse with a jockey. The men in the photograph are, left to right: Mick Fields, Jerry Chambers, and Jack says they were the ground crew. (thanks again Buz)

My grandfather and two of his mates in New Guinea. Left to right: Jim, Ian, and Jack.

A U.S.A.A.F. F-5A-10-LO (photo-reconnaissance version of the P-38), Madang, June 1945, with the number 980 on the nose. Hans believes the serial might be 42-12980, and the tail number 212980 or 21980.

Another photo of Jack and some mates in New Guinea. Left to right: Jack, Ian, and Jim.