The FW 190 V18/U1

Thanks to Ronnie Olsthoorn for contributing the line drawing of the FW 190 V18/U1, which formed the basis of this page.

Origins - FW 190 C Prototype
The FW 190 V18 was designed and built as a prototype for the high-altitude FW 190 C, and in V18/U1 form it had the DB 603 A engine driving a four-bladed propeller. The FW 190 C was a projected high-altitude fighter that never came to fruition; even so five prototypes were completed, the FW 190 V18, V29, V30, V32 and V33. Each of these aircraft had DB 603 inline engines, annular radiators, Hirth 9-2281 turbochargers and four-bladed propellers. The FW 190 V18 was coded CF + OY and received a white outline Balkenkreuz and Hakenkreuz. By 1944 the project had been halted by technical problems and opposition to use of the DB 603 (which was needed for other aircraft types).[1]

Conversion - Ta 152 Prototype
However this was not the end for the FW 190 C prototypes, they went on to be modified and used as prototypes for the Ta 152 H.

Drawing by R. Olsthoorn
The FW 190 V18/U1 CF + OY (Ronnie Olsthoorn)

The strange protuberance on the underside of the aircraft is the Hirth 9-2281 turbocharger. Note the nearly unchanged rear fuselage and canopy.

[1] D. Donald, Warplanes of the Luftwaffe, Grange Books, Rochester, 2000, p.81