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This page is dedicated to photographs of the early variants of the Focke-Wulf FW 190, from the FW 190 A-0 through to the FW 190 A-4.

An early FW 190 in flight (Gordon)

A line-up of early FW 190s in mid-1941 (Gordon)

FW 190 A-2 'Black G - + -' of Stab J.G. 26 at St. Omer-Wizernes, Spring 1942 (T. Genth)

FW 190 A-3 production line at the Ago factory, 1942 (D. Wadman)

FW 190 A-2 or A-3 W.Nr 518 'White 1 + ', 1942 (D. Wadman)