German Ground Order of Battle - 19 August 1942

Most army units in Dieppe were under the control of the 302. Infanterie Division. There were also some Luftwaffe ground units in and around Dieppe on 19 August 1942.

Army Units in Dieppe
- II./InfRgt 571 (5.-8. Kp)
- III./InfRgt 571 (9.-12. Kp)
- IG-Zug/InfRgt 571
- 14.(PzAbw)Kp/InfRgt 571
- Pionier-Bataillon 302 (1.-3. Kp)
- Batterie A, Batterie B, 7. und 8./Artillerie-Regiment 302 (10.5 cm IFH)
- I./InfRgt 571 in reserve west of Dieppe at Ouville-la-Riviere. Parts of 3. and 4. - Kp/InfRgt 571 were manning a strongpoint near 'Orange Beach'.

Army Coastal Artillery
- 2./Heeres-Küstenartillerie-Abt. 770 with three 17 cm and four 10.5 cm guns at Berneval (called Goebbels Battery by the Allies)
- Heeres-Küstenbatterie 813 with six 15 cm guns at Varengeville (called Hess Battery by the Allies)
- Heeres-Küstenbatterie 265 with four 15 cm guns at Arques-la-Bataille

Luftwaffe Ground Units
- Flakuntergruppe Dieppe with a heavy battery and a light battery with French 75 mm guns
- 23. schwere Funkmesskompanie/Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment 51 responsible for radar and radio installations

Kriegsmarine Units
- 2. Sicherungsdivision had some harbour personnel and sailors in Dieppe
- German convoy that ran into the eastern landing force included small submarine hunters UJ1404 and UJ1411, and small minesweeper M4014

Reserves Alerted but Failing to Reach the Battle
- III./InfRgt 570 (302. InfDiv) at Bacqueville
- I./InfRgt 676 (332. InfDiv) at Doudeville
- III./InfRgt 376 at Yvetot
- 10. PzDiv. at Amiens held at readiness
- SS-Brigade 'LAH' at Vernon held at readiness

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