The Focke-Wulf 190 in Detail

Dave McDonald, Piet van Wyk de Vries and Lynn Ritger have sent me a series of great colour photos of preserved FW 190s, so I have created an FW 190 in Detail page. These are great photographs, showing some interesting details that you might miss in wartime photos. A big thanks to Dave, Lynn and Piet for their help.

Focke-Wulf 190 F-8/U1 (FW 190 S-8) W.Nr 584 219
This aircraft was built by Arado at the Warnemünde factory, and was an FW 190 F-8 converted to two-seat standard. Captured in Schleswig-Holstein by the British in May 1945, this aircraft arrived at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (R.A.E.) on 2 September 1945. In Luftwaffe service, it operated with training units, and carried the letters HRZ. It was exhibited at various locations, and now resides in the R.A.F. Museum at Hendon.

Frontal view, showing the spinner and the rather spurious J.G. 54 markings!

This side-on view shows the modified canopy very nicely.

Starboard MG 151 20 mm cannon (no unsightly exhaust stains on this aircraft!)

Main wheel from above.

Another view of the modified canopy, along with various markings (including the famous Grünherz emblem)

The business end of Kurt Tank's aircraft.

The rudder and tail-wheel, with the Werk Nummer in black above the Swastika.

Close-up of the tail-wheel and stencilling.

Nice close-up of landing-gear bay and a 20 mm cannon.

Focke-Wulf 190 A-3 W.Nr 0122 219
This ex-J.G. 5 aircraft is currently in the Norwegian Air Force Museum at Oslo.

The FW 190 A-3 preserved in Norway minus wings, engine and rudder.

The BMW 801 D-2 engine of this aircraft.

A view from the front.

The FW 190's wings.

Focke-Wulf 190 A-6/R6 W.Nr 550 214
This aircraft was built by the Ago factory in mid-1943, and saw service with III./J.G. 11. It is held at the South African National Museum of Military History.

Please visit Piet van Wyk de Vries' page for more information about this aircraft, along with photos.

The front half of this aircraft, and the emblem of 8./J.G. 11.

The inboard undercarriage doors. These were discontinued on the FW 190 A-8.

A close-up of the spinner.

A nice shot of the undercarriage.

Open fuselage hatch.

Front of the cockpit.

Fuselage machine guns forward of the cockpit.

Port wing.

Access to the cockpit on the port side.

Tail wheel.

View from the cockpit.

Controls and instruments.

The view to starboard from the cockpit.

Cockpit instruments.

More cockpit instruments, and rudder pedal.

At the controls.

Focke-Wulf 190 F-8 W.Nr 931 862
This aircraft was recovered in the early 1980s from a Norwegian fjord. It was shot down by Mustangs on 9 February 1945 with Uffz. Heinz Orlowski at the controls. The aircraft was marked 'White 1 + o', and belonged to 9./J.G. 5's Staffelkapitän. Orlowski is still alive, and has actually visited this FW 190 during its restoration in Florida. W.Nr 931 862 was built by Norddeutsche Dornier at Wismar in June 1944. It was handed over to the Luftwaffe on 13 July 1944.

NB - A very good article about this aircraft has been written by Kjetil Aakra and a friend. Find it at this site.

A view of the aircraft's fuselage (and Lynn!).

The aircraft's BMW 801.

The tailwheel from starboard.

The tailwheel door, with the black Werk Nummer above the Hakenkreuz.

The front of the mainwheel.

FW 190 F-8 W.Nr 931 884
This aircraft served with I./S.G. 2 on the Eastern Front in late 1944. Like 'White 1 + o' above, W.Nr 931 884 was built by Norddeutsche Dornier. It was restored by the National Air and Space Museum, and went on display in 1983 after about 10,000 hours work.

Starboard landing gear leg.

The ETC 501 bomb rack viewed from the front.

Outboard rack with SC 50 bomb.

A view of the starboard side of W.Nr 931 884.

The port aileron.

The landing gear well and ETC 501 rack.

The landing gear well looking to port.

A view of the starboard fin.

FW 190 D-13
Photos of this aircraft from Lynn Ritger should be uploaded some time in the future.

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