Focke-Wulf 190 F-9 W.Nr 440 382 'Yellow 10 + ' of an unknown unit

Thanks to Dave Wadman, Dan Taylor and Ken Merrick I've been able to put this page together, featuring an interesting late-war FW 190.

Profile by Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor's profile of FW 190 F-9 W.Nr 440 382 'Yellow 10 + ' (D. Taylor)

Possible Units
This FW 190 F-9 was captured by the Allies at Wunstorf in Lower Saxony, about 125 km south of Hamburg. The unit is unknown, and the Werk Nummer does not fit any of the known losses of possible units like N.S.Gr. 20 and III./K.G. 200. However, a 'Yellow 10 + ' of 2./N.S.Gr. 20 did force-land at Bonn-Hangelar airfield on 27 January 1945.[1]

Camouflage and Markings of 'Yellow 10 + ' via Ken Merrick
'Yellow 10 + ' wears a RLM 74/75/76 camouflage scheme, with 76 running over the rear of the fuselage spine. The rest of the fuselage is conventional 74/75, with mottling in 74 (and maybe some in 75) over the 76 finish. Lower and side surfaces are in RLM 76. The 'Yellow 10' is applied in RLM 04, and brush strokes are apparent, giving it a streaky appearance. The number was either applied with a brush, or the outline was stencilled, then was filled in with a brush.

Photo J. Melson via D. Wadman
A nice view of 'Yellow 10 + ' from port, clearly showing the Werk Nummer, and the aircraft number repeated on the undercarriage (J. Melson via D. Wadman)

Photo J. Melson via D. Wadman
Seen from starboard, the Yellow 10 is also painted on the undercarriage. In the background is another aircraft from this unknown unit, 'Yellow 11 + ' (J. Melson via D. Wadman)

Photo J. Melson via D. Wadman
'Yellow 10 + ', with an unknown member of the RCAF in the cockpit. (J. Melson via D. Wadman)

Photo J. Melson via D. Wadman
A close-up shot of the flame dampers on 'Yellow 10 + ' (J. Melson via D. Wadman)

Image  by Dan Taylor
The flame dampers viewed from side-on (D. Taylor)

[1] Loss information via D. Wadman